District Official Documents

Folder Job Application (1 Files)
Download Application for Job
Folder Special Notice (0 Files)
Folder Audited Financial Statements (6 Files)
Download 2011 Financial Statment
Download 2012 Financial Statement
Download 2013 Financial Statement
Download 2014 Financial Statements
Download 2015 Audited Financial Statements
Download 2016 Audited Financial Statement
Folder Student Handbook (1 Files)
Download Secondary Student Handbook
Folder Financial Reports / Statistics (12 Files)
Download Operating Expenditure Report 2013-14
Download Operating Expenditures 2011-2012
Download Operating Expenditures 2014-2015
Download Operating Expenditures 2015-2016
Download Operating Expenses 2010-2011
Download Operating Expenses 2012-2013
Download Personnel Expenditure Report 2013-14
Download Personnel Expenditures 2010-2011
Download Personnel Expenditures 2011-2012
Download Personnel Expenditures 2012-2013
Download Personnel Expenditures 2014-2015
Download Personnel Expenditures 2015-2016
Folder Board Approved Budgets (9 Files)
Sub Folder 2015/16 (5 Files)
Download 2015-2016 Budget Amendments
Download 2015-2016 Food Service Year End Amendments
Download 2015-2016 General Fund Year End Amendments
Download 2015/16 Gen Fund Summary - B.O.Y.
Download 2015/16 Food Service Summary
Sub Folder 2016/17 (3 Files)
Download 2016-2017 Budget March Amendment
Download General Fund 2016-2017 Beg of Year Budget
Download General Fund 2016-2017 Year End Amendments
Sub Folder 2017/18 (1 Files)
Download General Fund 2017-2018 Beg. of Year Budget
Folder Accounts Payable Check Register (2 Files)
Download Accounts Payable Check Register 2015-2016
Folder District Paid Lobbying Costs (1 Files)
Download District Paid Lobbying Costs
Folder Current Bargaining Ageements (2 Files)
Download Current Teacher Contract
Download Support Staff Contract
Folder Employee Reimbursement and Procurement (3 Files)
Download Employee Reimbursement Policy
Download Employee Reimbursements
Download Purchasing Policy
Folder Credit Card Information (1 Files)
Download District Credit Cards
Folder Travel Information (1 Files)
Download Out of State Travel Info
Folder Deficit Elimination Plan (1 Files)
Download Deficit elimination Plan.pdf
Folder Budget and Salary/Compensation Transparency Reporting (9 Files)
Download Budget And Salary Page
Download Dues and Fees
Download Elementary Teacher Evaluation
Download Employee Compensation Information
Download Secondary Teacher Evaluation
Download SetSeg Plan - Onaway Schools
Download SLD Statement for Local Districts
Download Summary Plan - Administrative Health Insurance
Download 2012-2015 District Technology Plan
Folder A.E.R. Report Cover Letters (4 Files)
Download District AER Cover Letter 2015-2016
Download Elementary AER Cover Letter 2015-2016
Download High School AER Cover Letter 2015-2016
Download Middle School AER Cover Letter 2015-2016
Folder A.E.R. Reports (1 Files)
Download Combined AER Report
Folder School Emergency Drills (19 Files)
Sub Folder 2016-2017 (11 Files)
Download Drill 1 Fire 9-20-2016
Download Drill 10 Lock Down early am 5-16-17
Download Drill 11 Fire 5-17-17
Download Drill 2 Lock Down 10-4-16
Download Drill 3 Fire 11-2-16
Download Drill 4 Fire 11-4-16
Download Drill 5 Tornado 12-1-16
Download Drill 6 Tornado 1-4-17
Download Drill 7 Lock Down 1-16-17
Download Drill 8 Tornado 3-15-17
Download Drill 9 Fire 5-4-17
Sub Folder 2015 / 2016 (8 Files)
Download Fire Drill #1 (2015/16)
Download Tornado Drill 3-31-16 Drill # 9
Download Fire Drill #2 (2015/16)
Download Fire Drill #3 (2015/16)
Download Fire Drill #4 (2015/16)
Download Lock Down Drill #1 (2015/16)
Download Lock Down Drill #2 (2015/16)
Download Tornado Drill #6 (2015/16)
Folder U.S.F. Bid Requests (1 Files)
Download Year 15 470 RFP
Folder Health Benefit Bids (1 Files)
Download Health Insurance Bids001.pdf
Folder ADA Website Compliance Log (2 Files)
Download Website Accessibility Statement PDF
Download Best Practices for Website ADA Compliance PDF
Folder Educator Evaluation Systems Postings and Assurances (5 Files)
Download Evaluation Links
Sub Folder Teacher Evaluation (1 Files)
Download Teacher Evaluation Posting and Assurances
Sub Folder Superintendent Evaluation (2 Files)
Download Superintendent_Evaluation_Document.pdf
Download Superintendent_Evaluation_Posting_Requirement.docx
Sub Folder Principal Evaluation (1 Files)
Download Principal Evaluation
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